The Polish Vote

After its release in Poland, Naśladowcy (Those Who Follow) is getting a very warm welcome.1455696442_iSnJuh1K8Mu6_400_auto

Just look what, Poland´s largest web portal has to say about Naśladowcy in their review:

«Although the Scandinavian crime fiction authors are known throughout the world, Johnsrud definitely stands out among them. 


Those Who Follow have everything needed for a good detective story – charismatic heroes, well-constructed story and an interesting historical plot.

Ingar Johnsrud just joined the pantheon of such masters of the genre like Jo Nesbø and Camilla Läckberg.»

Polish lovers of crime-lit read a lot, and you guys really know your way around the genre.

It is therefore such a pleasure to see that several bloggers and readers are also enjoying the first novel about police officers Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal

Here are a few reviews (all in Polish):

Naśladowcy is released by Publishing House Otwarte, and they have made this site and video. Pretty neat!

Nice reviews from Hungary

«A masterful story, with several shocking turns.»1179228

This is what the Hungarian magazine Eva writes about Those Who Follow, or Követők, which is the Hungarian title, in their review.

It is exciting, and a little bit terrifying, to meet an audience in a new country for the first time. Today Those Who Follow was released in Hungary, as the fifth out of the 20 countries that has bought the rights so far. The publisher is General Press, and I really love the artwork that has been done on the front page of the book. It´s dark, depressing and very to the point – exactly how I like it.

If you read Hungarian, or google-translatish, here´s a quite extensive blogg-review by Gabo Olvas, that I also enjoyed reading.

Hope you enjoy Követők, Hungary!

Wienerbroderskabet released in Denmark

IMG_7476I´m proud and happy that Wienerbrorskapet today was made available for a danish audience, under the title Wienerbroderskabet.

Hope you enjoy the book, Denmark.

I am currently in the danish city of Horsens, where Scandinavia´s largest crime festival, Krimimessen, takes place, so if you are nearby, and want to hear more about the book, please come and visit. I will be on stage both Saturday and Sunday.

More good news is that I today was offered a membership in the Riverton Club, the Norwegian society for crime literature. That´s an honor.

Wienerbroderskabet is published in Denmark by the publishing house Gyldendal.

Krimimessen Horsens