Full trilogy bestseller

The Beier-trilogy is dominating the Norwegian bestseller list.

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After the release of the third and final installment in the Beier-trilogy, The Cross I Bear (Korset), all three novels are on the bestseller lists.

This week Those Who Follow (Wienerbrorskapet) and As We Fall (Kalypso) climbed to an impressive NO. 2 and NO 3. on the paperback list, while The Cross I Bear is currently NO. 1 on the e-book list, NO. 11 on the hardcover list.

In Germany, where the second installment in the Beier-trilogy As We Fall (Der Bote) was released earlier this spring, it copied the success of it’s predecessor Those Who Follow (Der Hirte) and stayed several weeks on Der Spiegels list of bestsellersDer Bote is already out in a second edition.


Der Bote – a new Spiegel bestseller!

Der Bote enters Der Spiegels list of bestsellers.

Only one week after it’s release, Der Bote follows in it’s predecessor’s footsteps, and becomes a Spiegel Bestseller.

The first installment in the Beier-saga, Der Hirte, was listed on the German bestseller’s list for several weeks in the summer of 2017. This week Der Bote, the second Fredrik Beier-novel, also entered the prestigious list, as number 12.

I am so happy and proud that the German crime-reading audience are embracing Fredrik and Kafa, and a big congrats to my publisher Blanvalet, for doing such great work.

Looking forward to meet many of you in person at the Mord am Hellweg festival in October.


One happy author.