Musician, actor, comedian, author and performer Kristoffer Schau reading from Kanarikammeret.

Kanarikammeret (The Canary Chamber) is a short crime story Ingar wrote for audible publisher Fabel as part of their campaign to reach even more book lovers. Kanarikammeret ended up on the top 10-list for the most popular audible books already on the first week after it was published.

Here is the trailer for the Kanarikammeret-campaign, read by popular artist Kristoffer Schau.


Beier and the music

I love this review! (And not just because they liked Les Adeptes.) 

Skjermbilde 2016-05-26 kl. 10.21.06
Quatre Sans Quatre

I believe that you can learn a lot about a person by getting to know their musical preferences. So it is not random what sort of music Fredrik Beier listens to. What kind of music he uses to create that sexual tension, to put his mind at ease, or to take a break from all the world´s noises.

It is a small, but important part of Les Adaptes, and I believe that you will find that music will have an even stronger presence in the second book in the series, Kalypso (Norwegian release this fall).

Therefore, I am so happy that the french literary site  Quatre Sans Quatre appreciate this side of the novel – and offer their readers a chance to see and experience some of this music for themselves.

I´ll add one one reference, not mentioned in the review, here: And it is in fact a funny little story. One of the artists present in Les Adaptes (Fredrik never listens to him, but that is another story) is the Swedish songwriter Oscar Danielson.

Just after Les Adaptes was released in Norway, I was doing a book show at Union Scene in the city of Drammen. And coincidence has it that Oscar Danielson

Oscar Danielson

is actually playing a gig at the same place, the same evening. So I tell the organizers that Oscar is mentioned in the novel. At that point, Les Adaptes was totally new, I was totally new, and nobody knew that it would be released in so many countries, and meet such a great and numerous audience. My point is – it would be easy for Oscar to say thanks, but no thanks.

But Oscar Danielson, being the cool guy that he is,  played a couple of his songs for the fifteen – twenty people who showed up to listen to me. That´s a hell of a nice thing to do.

Terrorism, soup and Fredrik Beier

In what way did real-life events have an effect on «Those Who FSkjermbilde 2016-04-05 kl. 09.46.22ollow»? 

This week I was interviewed by Poland´s largest web portal, onet.pl and by the the Gazeta´s weekend magazine.

We talked about a tragic murder in Sweden, immigration, terrorism and how making a good soup is comparable to writing a crime novel.

You can read the interviews here: 

Gazeta: Brutalne morderstwo i religijny fanatyzm. Fenomen skandynawskich kryminałów

Onet: Problemu terroryzmu nie da się rozwiązać poprzez zabijanie terrorystów

(both in Polish / google-translatish)


The Polish Vote

After its release in Poland, Naśladowcy (Those Who Follow) is getting a very warm welcome.1455696442_iSnJuh1K8Mu6_400_auto

Just look what onet.pl, Poland´s largest web portal has to say about Naśladowcy in their review:

«Although the Scandinavian crime fiction authors are known throughout the world, Johnsrud definitely stands out among them. 


Those Who Follow have everything needed for a good detective story – charismatic heroes, well-constructed story and an interesting historical plot.

Ingar Johnsrud just joined the pantheon of such masters of the genre like Jo Nesbø and Camilla Läckberg.»

Polish lovers of crime-lit read a lot, and you guys really know your way around the genre.

It is therefore such a pleasure to see that several bloggers and readers are also enjoying the first novel about police officers Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal

Here are a few reviews (all in Polish):

Naśladowcy is released by Publishing House Otwarte, and they have made this site and video. Pretty neat!

Nice reviews from Hungary

«A masterful story, with several shocking turns.»1179228

This is what the Hungarian magazine Eva writes about Those Who Follow, or Követők, which is the Hungarian title, in their review.

It is exciting, and a little bit terrifying, to meet an audience in a new country for the first time. Today Those Who Follow was released in Hungary, as the fifth out of the 20 countries that has bought the rights so far. The publisher is General Press, and I really love the artwork that has been done on the front page of the book. It´s dark, depressing and very to the point – exactly how I like it.

If you read Hungarian, or google-translatish, here´s a quite extensive blogg-review by Gabo Olvas, that I also enjoyed reading.

Hope you enjoy Követők, Hungary!

Paperback writer

Last week, Those Who Follow was released as a paperback in Norway.

It came out, exactly one year and one day after the book was first released and reviewed. The last couple of weeks I have been working with my Italian publisher Einaudi on introducing Gli Adepti (Those Who Follow) in Italy, where the investigators Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal will meet an Italian audience the first week of February.

Can’t wait.

Gli Adepti!

First of all – happy new year!

Six months have passed, since our last post.italia

But I haven’t been resting. Instead I have been working on the second part of the story, about Fredrik Beier, Kafa Iqbal and the other characters from Those Who Follow.

Or Gli Adepti as will be the Italian title, when it comes out in Italy, as the first of many countries this year. So let me share with you the Italian cover. I am both very happy and very proud of it, my Italian Publishing House Einaudi have done a great job.

I am looking forward to share more news with you, in the months to come.

Norwegian Bestseller

For titles released the spring of 2015, Those Who Follow was the sixth best-selling Norwegian fiction, according to Bokhandlerforeningen (Norwegian Book Sellers Organization). Top of the list was Jo Nesbø’s Blood on Snow.

Those Who Follow was released in Norway in January 2015. It will come out in several other countries throughout 2016.

Read more here (in Norwegian).