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Musician, actor, comedian, author and performer Kristoffer Schau reading from Kanarikammeret. Kanarikammeret (The Canary Chamber) is a short crime story Ingar wrote for audible publisher Fabel as part of their campaign to reach even more book lovers. Kanarikammeret ended up on the top 10-list for the most popular audible books already on the first week after […]

The Polish Vote

After its release in Poland, Naśladowcy (Those Who Follow) is getting a very warm welcome. Just look what onet.pl, Poland´s largest web portal has to say about Naśladowcy in their review: «Although the Scandinavian crime fiction authors are known throughout the world, Johnsrud definitely stands out among them.  (…) Those Who Follow have everything needed for a good detective […]

Paperback writer

Last week, Those Who Follow was released as a paperback in Norway. It came out, exactly one year and one day after the book was first released and reviewed. The last couple of weeks I have been working with my Italian publisher Einaudi on introducing Gli Adepti (Those Who Follow) in Italy, where the investigators Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal will […]

Wienerbrorskapet på radio

Aschehoug lager podcast! Og den første episoden hører du her. Redaktør Inga Semmingen og jeg prater om Wienerbrorskapet, Thorbjørn Harr leser første kapittel av Jo Nesbøs BLOD PÅ SNØ og bokhandlerne forteller om sine favoritter denne våren. Den gikk rett inn på topplista over kultur- og litteratur-podcaster.