The verdict

As We Fall was released in Polish this February, titled Straceńcy.

Poland is the first country outside Norway to present the second part of the Fredrik Beier-saga to its crime reading audience. And the reception is overwhelming. Here are the words from ten leading literature bloggers:











Here’s a collection of reviews and points, given by a large number of Polish readers on the bookreader site


Terrorism, soup and Fredrik Beier

In what way did real-life events have an effect on «Those Who FSkjermbilde 2016-04-05 kl. 09.46.22ollow»? 

This week I was interviewed by Poland´s largest web portal, and by the the Gazeta´s weekend magazine.

We talked about a tragic murder in Sweden, immigration, terrorism and how making a good soup is comparable to writing a crime novel.

You can read the interviews here: 

Gazeta: Brutalne morderstwo i religijny fanatyzm. Fenomen skandynawskich kryminałów

Onet: Problemu terroryzmu nie da się rozwiązać poprzez zabijanie terrorystów

(both in Polish / google-translatish)


The Polish Vote

After its release in Poland, Naśladowcy (Those Who Follow) is getting a very warm welcome.1455696442_iSnJuh1K8Mu6_400_auto

Just look what, Poland´s largest web portal has to say about Naśladowcy in their review:

«Although the Scandinavian crime fiction authors are known throughout the world, Johnsrud definitely stands out among them. 


Those Who Follow have everything needed for a good detective story – charismatic heroes, well-constructed story and an interesting historical plot.

Ingar Johnsrud just joined the pantheon of such masters of the genre like Jo Nesbø and Camilla Läckberg.»

Polish lovers of crime-lit read a lot, and you guys really know your way around the genre.

It is therefore such a pleasure to see that several bloggers and readers are also enjoying the first novel about police officers Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal

Here are a few reviews (all in Polish):

Naśladowcy is released by Publishing House Otwarte, and they have made this site and video. Pretty neat!