Steaming August

August is not only the month where Kalypso is released  – Those Who Follow will also come out in two countries I am really looking forward to – Sweden and Netherlands.


Kalypso – the second part of the story of Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal. (Norwegian cover)

 Kalypso is the second book in the installment following police investigators Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal. The novel has been under development all since Those Who Follow was first released in Norway January 2015. A few weeks back the final corrections were made, and the novel was sent of to be printed.

What it felt like? Horror and joy. And now it is ready for Norway.

Kalypso will probably come out in the rest of the world during 2017/2018.

Det Hemliga Brödraskapet Från Wien is the title my Swedish publisher Albert Bonniers have given Those Who Follow. The novel is released in mid-August, and just a few days later I am looking forward to meet the Swedish crime audience and fellow writers when I visit the Crimetime Gotland festival, taking place on the beautiful island of (yes, you guessed it) Gotland. Here I´ll be discussing Norwegian vs Swedish crime with Jørn Lier Horst, conspiracy theories with Arne Dahl – and a few other appearances.

During the last weeks of the month, Those Who Follow is to be released in the Netherlands, under the name Zij Die Volgen. The Dutch are such a sophisticated and well-read audience, with a true heart for crime, so I am very excited about introducing Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal to the Dutch readers.

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