Full frontal obscurity

In mid august, Sweden will be the eleventh country to release Those Who F0llow, under it´s Swedish name Det Hemliga Brödraskapet Från Wien(AKA Wienerbrorskapet, Gli Adepti, Követök, Wieniläisveljeskunta, Nasladowcy, Viedenske Bratstvo, Videnske Bratrstvo, Wienerbroderskabet, Viini vennaskondand and Les Adeptes.)

bookshelf view

The Swedish release means that Those Who Follow now have been introduced to readers in more than half of the 20 countries that have bought the publishing rights – so far.

Full frontal

So, what does Those Who Follow look like? A lot of things, obviously. Readers are different, markets are different, and what looks like a front for a crime novel in Oslo might look quite different in Warszawa, Prag or Copenhagen. As you can see from the picture to the right, there are a few similarities, though. France and Denmark have chosen a cover that I have loved from the moment I saw it. It´s the one with the staring eyes, made by the Danish designer Simon Lilholt. Finland and Slovakia are also thinking in similar ways, with a picture that captures the historic side of the novel – nazi researchers doing their terrible experiments. There is an underlaying brutality in those covers, that I believe captures an important side of the story. If you study them closely (as I have done) you will see that it is not the same picture, but they are probably from the same series. The Norwegian front (left corner, bottom) is also inspired by the parts of the novel describing racial hygiene and eugenics during the 30’s and 40’s.

So which ones do I prefer? Ha ha. Im not gonna tell. I love them all, of course, as if they were my kids. And – as with kids – some you adore from the minute you see them, some you love even more, when you get to know them.


Beier and the music

I love this review! (And not just because they liked Les Adeptes.) 

Skjermbilde 2016-05-26 kl. 10.21.06
Quatre Sans Quatre

I believe that you can learn a lot about a person by getting to know their musical preferences. So it is not random what sort of music Fredrik Beier listens to. What kind of music he uses to create that sexual tension, to put his mind at ease, or to take a break from all the world´s noises.

It is a small, but important part of Les Adaptes, and I believe that you will find that music will have an even stronger presence in the second book in the series, Kalypso (Norwegian release this fall).

Therefore, I am so happy that the french literary site  Quatre Sans Quatre appreciate this side of the novel – and offer their readers a chance to see and experience some of this music for themselves.

I´ll add one one reference, not mentioned in the review, here: And it is in fact a funny little story. One of the artists present in Les Adaptes (Fredrik never listens to him, but that is another story) is the Swedish songwriter Oscar Danielson.

Just after Les Adaptes was released in Norway, I was doing a book show at Union Scene in the city of Drammen. And coincidence has it that Oscar Danielson

Oscar Danielson

is actually playing a gig at the same place, the same evening. So I tell the organizers that Oscar is mentioned in the novel. At that point, Les Adaptes was totally new, I was totally new, and nobody knew that it would be released in so many countries, and meet such a great and numerous audience. My point is – it would be easy for Oscar to say thanks, but no thanks.

But Oscar Danielson, being the cool guy that he is,  played a couple of his songs for the fifteen – twenty people who showed up to listen to me. That´s a hell of a nice thing to do.

Le jour est arrivé!

Cette semaine, finalement, verra le lancement de « Les Adept » en version française.

Cgau0EOW4AIxOs4Je suis extrêmement fier et bien curieux de savoir comment le grand public français – si savant – va recevoir mon livre, l’inspecteur Fredrik Beier et son collègue Kafa Iqbal.

 Certains ont déjà eu l’occasion de lire et passer en revue le livre. Je vous invite à prendre parti de leurs impressions sur leurs blogs: Ma’Pirate et Hannibal Lectrice.

Sur Babelio.com vous trouverez plus de commentaires et opinions.

 Un grand merci à mon éditeur Robert Laffont, qui présente le livre dans sa collection «La Bête Noire».

Le design de cet édition est créé par le designer danois Simon Lilholt. Trop cool, à mon avis!