Spiegel bestseller!

Der Hirte went straight onto the prestigious Spiegel bestseller list, the week after its release in Germany.

fullsizeoutput_515I am very happy to introduce police inspector Fredrik Beier and his partner Kafa Iqbal to readers all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I know that you guys really know how to appreciate a good crime story, and I know that you are picky as well, so I am truly grateful and glad for the way Der Hirte has been greeted. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback through mail and social media.

Der Hirte (Wienerbrorskapet) is the first installment of the Fredrik Beier-series. Publisher Blanvalet have done a marvelous in introducing Fredrik and Kafa to the German-speaking audience – check out the cinematic trailer here:

The audio version of Der Hirte is read by the great actor and voice Dietmar Wunder, known to the German audience as the voice of Adam Sandler, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Daniel Craig.

Check out a sample here:


Two weeks after its introduction Der Hirte is currently at no. 10 on Der Spiegel’s best seller list.


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