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Kalypso coming to Denmark!

Kalypso, the second novel in the Beier-saga, will be released in Denmark February 8th. Kalypso’s predecessor, Wienerbroderskabet, first met it’s Danish audience in 2016, and got excellent reviews. Wienerbroderskabet is now being re-released, with a new, elegant cover, matching the second novel in the saga. Ingar will be visiting Northern Europe’s largest crime festival, Krimimessen in […]

Simo Häyhä – a real life inspiration

Earlier this year I wrote a short piece to my Finnish readers. The story about how a hero from the Winter War became an inspiration for Those Who Follows might be of interest for others as well, so here it is. In 2002 I had just started out as a political reporter for the Norwegian newspaper Verdens […]

Full frontal obscurity

In mid august, Sweden will be the eleventh country to release Those Who F0llow, under it´s Swedish name Det Hemliga Brödraskapet Från Wien. (AKA Wienerbrorskapet, Gli Adepti, Követök, Wieniläisveljeskunta, Nasladowcy, Viedenske Bratstvo, Videnske Bratrstvo, Wienerbroderskabet, Viini vennaskondand and Les Adeptes.) The Swedish release means that Those Who Follow now have been introduced to readers in more than half of […]

A peek into Kalypso!

Finally! The dark and blood dripping tragedy continues, when the second novel in the installment about Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal is released the 15th of August 2016. That is when Kalypso is released in Norway. But Norwegian-reading crime lovers can get a sneak peek already now. See below to read the first chapters of the follow up […]

A scary pleasure

Czech out this cover! I must say, there is always a degree of mixed anxiety and pleasure each time I see a new cover for Those Who Follow. A book’s front is like the front page of a newspaper. No matter what’s inside, the cover is what turns you on. Or off. Vídeňské Bratrstvo turns me on! […]

Le jour est arrivé!

Cette semaine, finalement, verra le lancement de « Les Adept » en version française. Je suis extrêmement fier et bien curieux de savoir comment le grand public français – si savant – va recevoir mon livre, l’inspecteur Fredrik Beier et son collègue Kafa Iqbal.  Certains ont déjà eu l’occasion de lire et passer en revue le livre. […]